May 19, 2005

Decreases on the Purl Side

How is everyone doing their decreases? I'm still on the back piece and after you bind off in the middle, you're supposed to decrease on the next 6 rows. That means you are decreasing on 3 purl rows. On the left shoulder, the purl decreases look fine but on the right shoulder, they are going off in the wrong direction. I've been doing purl 2 togethers so obviously, that isn't working for the right shoulder. Any suggestions?

May 18, 2005

The Scoop Twins

I have completed the fronts of both of my Scoop du Jour sweaters.

I'd never knit 2 sweaters from the same pattern at the same time before, and it's turned out to be a great knitting experience! I work a little on one Scoop and then catch up to the same spot on the other one. I usually do Vanilla first because she is the more "difficult" of the twins. The Twisted St st makes for a pretty slow knit.

This is a great pattern, and I love the neck shaping. I'm thinking about doing what I love to do next, which is knit the button bands. I love jumping the gun on the button bands... It makes your sweater take on that "completed" feel, even if it's only the front. It also keeps your fronts from being rolled up pieces of fabric with little yarn butterflies hanging off of the ends.

Happy Scooping to all!

May 17, 2005

Getting started!

Hey all, Heather from Sparkomatic here.

I cast on for the swatch and subsequent first sleeve last night, against my better judgment. Gauge is supposed to be 18st/4in and I was getting 17.5. I was thinking of knitting the 42" size (I will lose weight, dang it! And, no, I'm not just saying that. I'll post more about that on my Typepad...) but judging from the sleeve progress last night (using US8), *that's* going to end up being HUGE.

The problem is, I don't want to go down a needle size--I'm using Debbie Bliss wool/cotton double stranded and it knits up nice on 8s. I'd tried an earlier project using the same yarn (doubled) but with 6s and it was so dense! So, my question, I suppose, is how relaxed is the finished object supposed to be, because maybe my giant sleeve was right on.

I'll also swatch with 7s (I don't seem to have any 7s in the house, which of course means I'll just *have* to make a run to the LYS. Damn.) and see if that's somewhat more on-target.

May 14, 2005

One more time!

Is it because it's hot outside and my hands are sweating?? I don't know what's up but I finished my whopping 6 inches of ribbing on the back piece and started on a few inches of stockinette only to discover my gauge is off -- 5 stiches per inch instead of 4 1/2. That's too much but I haven't decided whether I'm going to rip back just to the ribbing or rip the whole thing and start over. I knit the ribbing on size 6 needles and planned on doing the body on 7's. Any suggestions?

May 13, 2005

Heidi's Scoop

Hi everybody. I have completed the back and one sleeve, plus the ribbing for the front left, so far. My stitch gauge is right on using Manos del Uruguay, but the row gauge is way off and changing needle sizes hasn't helped. So, I wanted to do one sleeve and put the sweater together partially, to see if I will need to make adjustments for the armhole shaping. Plus as we all know knitting sleeves can be a little boring... One is done now, so when I get to the second it should be easy.

The picture of the back is kind of crappy. I couldn't get a good one this morning. In better light and focus, the bottom half's colors are a bit subdued, while there is a big blob of darker color in the middle of the top half. After this piece was done, I remembered that with Manos it's always a good idea to knit off two balls at a time, so I'm doing that for the rest of the sweater. The color distribution is much more even on the sleeve.

I have no idea what buttons I'll use on this, but because of the multicolor yarn, I could go a million different ways.

P.S. I share my Blogger account with my husband, because for the past few years we've only used it to leave comments on other people's sites. Everything posted here by Heidi or Rodney will in fact only be posted by Heidi (me).

May 12, 2005

And here is the keeper: Rowan All Seasons Cotton. Posted by Hello

Here is the Cotton Ease version. Posted by Hello

Scoop du Jour - Take Two

Hi everyone. Here's the progress I've made so far. I was very excited about the pattern and ordered the yarn right away. I was planning on making the cardigan in the Cotton Ease in Vanilla. Little did I know the yarn was discontinued and would be so difficult to find. I did find it online but when I received it in the mail, I discovered it wasn't quite what I was expecting. In Bonne Marie's picture, the yarn looks more cream colored. It's actually STARK white. Besides white t-shirts, I don't wear a lot of white. Being so eager to start, I tried to get over the white thing and started knitting it up anyway. Well... couldn't get over not liking the color. So... I dove into my stash and found this light pink Rowan All Seasons Cotton. A quick call to my LYS to see if they had more in the same dye lot and WE HAVE A WINNER. I like this color much better. I've never uploaded pics before so I can figure it out, I'll share some.

May 11, 2005

Hi, Again!

Hi, y'all! I can see that people are finding their way to this website, but nobody is really saying anything. This makes me sad. :( <-- See? So, I'm thinking that this is because people don't really know what to do.

So, here're the steps!

1) You're interested in joining us nice, cool people in knitting the Scoop du Jour? Awesome!! Email me at racheletib AT yahoo DOT com, with 1) Your Name, and 2) The URL of Your Blog, if You Have One. I'll add your name and link to the member list on the sidebar of this site.

2) I'll reply to your email with an invitation to join this weblog. On whis weblog, you would be given the ability to post pics of your Scoop du Jour progress, or just verbal news of progress, and also ask any questions, or make any comments about the pattern. People can comment on your posts and maybe answer your questions!

3) So, if you want to join the weblog posting, you just follow the instructions in the emailed invitation and then hopefully learning how to post will be very intuitive. If it's not, then let me know. You don't have to accept the invitation - I'll make a note of who isn't a member of the blog-posting dealie, and every Sunday I'll post on this blog linking to your Scoop progress posts from your own weblogs. But you should join! This should be super-fun. It has been successful for the Ribby Cardi, as you can see.

And that's it! Easy peasy!

So join up, and start spreading the news about your Scoopy!

- Rachele

May 09, 2005

Two Scoops.

Here's a shot of my fraternal twins:

On May 7th, these twins - one boy and one girl - were born; I named them Blueberry and Vanilla Scoop.

Vanilla is knit exactly from the pattern, but in Twisted Stockinette (instead of plain), and Blueberry is knit using the pattern as a rough guide, but making adjustments so that it looks more like this black sweater over at Carrieoke's blog.

Yay for knitting two sweaters at the same time!

More pics at my blog (May 2005 archives, to whoever sees this in the far future!)

May 08, 2005

Knit-Along Weblog Rules

#1) Official signups for the Knit-Along will end on July 1st, but email me if this occurs: It is past July 1st, you have already signed up for the KAL, you are not yet a member of this Blogger posting business, and you want me to add you to the posting party. I'll be glad to!

Alright, alright, even if you haven't signed up for the KAL, and it's past July 1st, just email me and we'll negotiate. (A little chocolate goes a long way! :P )

#2) Even though sign-ups end in 2 months, there is no official end date for the knit-along. Knit as fast or as slow as you want!

#3) When you post on this weblog, it would be cool if you put your name ("Hi, it's Rachele..." or something) as it is shown on the side list so that we can see who ya are. :)

#4) Email me at 53stitches AT gmail DOT com if you have questions, concerns, or comments about anything.

#5) Have fun!

I'll post more rules as necessary. I can't wait to see y'all's Scoops! (I'm pretty sure that this sweater is named after the phrase "soup du jour" but it always makes me think of ice cream. Yum!)


Hello, and welcome to the Scoop du Jour knit-along weblog hosted by me! Enjoy!