May 13, 2005

Heidi's Scoop

Hi everybody. I have completed the back and one sleeve, plus the ribbing for the front left, so far. My stitch gauge is right on using Manos del Uruguay, but the row gauge is way off and changing needle sizes hasn't helped. So, I wanted to do one sleeve and put the sweater together partially, to see if I will need to make adjustments for the armhole shaping. Plus as we all know knitting sleeves can be a little boring... One is done now, so when I get to the second it should be easy.

The picture of the back is kind of crappy. I couldn't get a good one this morning. In better light and focus, the bottom half's colors are a bit subdued, while there is a big blob of darker color in the middle of the top half. After this piece was done, I remembered that with Manos it's always a good idea to knit off two balls at a time, so I'm doing that for the rest of the sweater. The color distribution is much more even on the sleeve.

I have no idea what buttons I'll use on this, but because of the multicolor yarn, I could go a million different ways.

P.S. I share my Blogger account with my husband, because for the past few years we've only used it to leave comments on other people's sites. Everything posted here by Heidi or Rodney will in fact only be posted by Heidi (me).


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