June 17, 2005

My Scoop..

Hi! I joined a few days ago..I'm Tina. I'm making my Scoop with CottonEase in Blueberry. So far I've knit two fronts and the back up to the armholes. Then I decided I'm going to reknit the fronts because I think they looked like a different gauge compared to the back, and one front looked longer than the other. Here's my progess so far minus the front I already ripped out. I'm hoping it doesn't come out too big in the end though. I'm knitting the 34" size but I'm not sure how it's going to fit me. I'm probably going to make another one in the future and try sizing it down to a 32".


Blogger kellyt said...

That color is beautiful. I'm knitting the 38 inch size and it looks really big but I haven't tried it on yet. I'm a size 4 so I hope it doesn't swallow me. I'm almost done with the seaming so we'll see. Good luck with the Cotton Ease. I really like knitting with it.

9:30 AM

Blogger racheletib said...

A girl after my own heart, here, knitting her Scoop in the blue cotton ease, just like me! I have come a lot further in my Scoop progress, but some maintenence work is being done on the Lappy, so I can't post pictures at the moment. Just imagine two almost complete backs...

Happy Knitting everyone - All Scoops look terrific!

9:34 AM

Anonymous Karin said...


try knitting both fronts (and later both sleeves) at the same time. I do that to ensure that the pieces are the same length and get shaped at the same places. Works for me.


6:41 AM


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