July 14, 2005

Checking In


I joined awhile back and am just getting around to posting a greeting.

I've been working on my Scoop for several weeks now, juggling it with a couple of other projects (I've made a bit of progress since this photo was taken, also). I'm using Reynold's Saucy, color #178. I just love this raspberry color--it's so juicy (er, or saucy, I guess!).

My needle choice here runs from the ridiculous to the sublime. I'm using some generic $2 circs for the back (it's all I could find in a pinch) and pricey ebony straights on the one side. Let's just say, you get what you pay for.

I look forward to watching everyone's progress!



June 29, 2005

Intro . . . and a question

Hi everyone! I joined the KAL a few weeks ago and I'm really looking forward to seeing all the completed Scoops!

I'm making mine out of Rowan DK cotton. Here's a pic from when I was just finishing the ribbing on the back.

So, now that I'm shaping the neckline, I have a question for y'all. I'm on the section where you decrease one stitch each row, but the only purl decrease I know is P2tog. Is there another decrease I can use for the left side that will slant towards the left?

I just went ahead and used P2tog for both sides but the left side looks pretty wonky. Thanks in advance for the help!

June 17, 2005

My Scoop..

Hi! I joined a few days ago..I'm Tina. I'm making my Scoop with CottonEase in Blueberry. So far I've knit two fronts and the back up to the armholes. Then I decided I'm going to reknit the fronts because I think they looked like a different gauge compared to the back, and one front looked longer than the other. Here's my progess so far minus the front I already ripped out. I'm hoping it doesn't come out too big in the end though. I'm knitting the 34" size but I'm not sure how it's going to fit me. I'm probably going to make another one in the future and try sizing it down to a 32".

June 14, 2005

My Scoop is done!

Am I the first one here to finish a Scoop? If so...wow because I'm usually not so fast.

Have a look at my blog today, and also at my gallery, for more info about my Scoop. Here is one picture for you too...

The short details:

  • It's made of Manos del Uruguay wool in #114 Bramble
  • I used assorted vintage buttons
  • I pretty much followed the pattern with the exception of some minor adjustments for row gauge (mine was too big)
  • I made the size 38 and I really like how it fits
  • Steam blocking is my new favorite kind of blocking (for wool at least)
  • One of the greatest things about knitting this pattern: You know how usually when you pick up stitches, the pattern gives you a number, but you often pick up a few more and then decrease on the first row to get to the suggested number? This was the only time in my three years of knitting where I picked up stitches, and when I counted I was right on for the pattern instructions! It was magic I'm sure.
Now I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your Scoops when they are done! Have fun...

June 13, 2005

Vanilla and Blueberry:The Voyage to Sleeve Island

Well, I have about 2 days worth of knitting time until I am done with the backs of my Twin Scoops. I didn't finish them on my business trip like I'd hoped that I would, but here's a progress picture of what I did get done.

So right now, I'm going to ride this ferry to Sleeve Island as I finish Blueberry's back, and then zoom through Vanilla's. Then I should be pulling up to Sleeve Island Harbor.

Four sleeves, people. Four. Can we say castaway? I think we can.

June 09, 2005

Scoup du Jour Continued

Just a small bit of ripping, and my armholes are no longer 12" to 13" long. Rowan All Seasons Cotton is one of my favorite yarns to work with. This is the first time I have used the color Copper, but I am really liking it. Found some great buttons today at Hancock Fabric (buttons are all 30% this week). I have finished the back, and am well underway on the left front.

I will try to post photos. These were taken with a camera phone on my desk at work.

June 06, 2005

I need those pattern revisions - and I finally figured out how to post

I am so glad to see the post below concerning the pattern revisions. I almost ripped out the entire back due to the armholes being so large, and I am still not to the shoulder bind-off. Could someone post the revisions, or is that copyright infringement?

I have sent an email to Bonne M, but I am sure she gets hundreds of emails. I can't continue on with the SDJ until I see the revisions.

Thanks very much,

Donna P