June 06, 2005

I need those pattern revisions - and I finally figured out how to post

I am so glad to see the post below concerning the pattern revisions. I almost ripped out the entire back due to the armholes being so large, and I am still not to the shoulder bind-off. Could someone post the revisions, or is that copyright infringement?

I have sent an email to Bonne M, but I am sure she gets hundreds of emails. I can't continue on with the SDJ until I see the revisions.

Thanks very much,

Donna P


Blogger Bonne Marie said...

Hi Donna - I just sent you your revision - I think the first one went to your other email addie...

Anybody else out there need one? Just send me an email here: bonnemarie@core.com and I'll get it off to you - (please don't post pattern details online.)

Keep on Scoopin'!!! :)

4:18 PM

Blogger Donna P said...

Thanks, Bonne Marie!

6:23 AM


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