May 14, 2005

One more time!

Is it because it's hot outside and my hands are sweating?? I don't know what's up but I finished my whopping 6 inches of ribbing on the back piece and started on a few inches of stockinette only to discover my gauge is off -- 5 stiches per inch instead of 4 1/2. That's too much but I haven't decided whether I'm going to rip back just to the ribbing or rip the whole thing and start over. I knit the ribbing on size 6 needles and planned on doing the body on 7's. Any suggestions?


Blogger racheletib said...

I would rip to the ribbing and try to make gauge with a size US8 instead (on the St st part). The ribbing should be fine to leave alone. That's just what I would do... Maybe I'm too trusting in my knitting...

10:33 PM

Blogger kellyt said...

Well, that's what I did and the gauge came out right with the size 8's. I guess I was too lazy to reknit the whole thing but also, many patterns with ribbing have you go down two needle sizes anyway to do the ribbing. I'm going to knit the ribbing on the front pieces with the size 7's and see if there is any difference. If it's dramatic, I can always reknit the back.

10:51 AM


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