May 11, 2005

Hi, Again!

Hi, y'all! I can see that people are finding their way to this website, but nobody is really saying anything. This makes me sad. :( <-- See? So, I'm thinking that this is because people don't really know what to do.

So, here're the steps!

1) You're interested in joining us nice, cool people in knitting the Scoop du Jour? Awesome!! Email me at racheletib AT yahoo DOT com, with 1) Your Name, and 2) The URL of Your Blog, if You Have One. I'll add your name and link to the member list on the sidebar of this site.

2) I'll reply to your email with an invitation to join this weblog. On whis weblog, you would be given the ability to post pics of your Scoop du Jour progress, or just verbal news of progress, and also ask any questions, or make any comments about the pattern. People can comment on your posts and maybe answer your questions!

3) So, if you want to join the weblog posting, you just follow the instructions in the emailed invitation and then hopefully learning how to post will be very intuitive. If it's not, then let me know. You don't have to accept the invitation - I'll make a note of who isn't a member of the blog-posting dealie, and every Sunday I'll post on this blog linking to your Scoop progress posts from your own weblogs. But you should join! This should be super-fun. It has been successful for the Ribby Cardi, as you can see.

And that's it! Easy peasy!

So join up, and start spreading the news about your Scoopy!

- Rachele


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