May 17, 2005

Getting started!

Hey all, Heather from Sparkomatic here.

I cast on for the swatch and subsequent first sleeve last night, against my better judgment. Gauge is supposed to be 18st/4in and I was getting 17.5. I was thinking of knitting the 42" size (I will lose weight, dang it! And, no, I'm not just saying that. I'll post more about that on my Typepad...) but judging from the sleeve progress last night (using US8), *that's* going to end up being HUGE.

The problem is, I don't want to go down a needle size--I'm using Debbie Bliss wool/cotton double stranded and it knits up nice on 8s. I'd tried an earlier project using the same yarn (doubled) but with 6s and it was so dense! So, my question, I suppose, is how relaxed is the finished object supposed to be, because maybe my giant sleeve was right on.

I'll also swatch with 7s (I don't seem to have any 7s in the house, which of course means I'll just *have* to make a run to the LYS. Damn.) and see if that's somewhat more on-target.


Blogger racheletib said...

Well, Cotton-Ease (the yarn called for) is a very relaxed cotton blend, especially when knitted with US8's. Judging from the pictures, the cardigan should have a relaxed fit, but I think it depends on what you prefer; it might come out looking just fine, even if it doesn't look like the pictures.

3:33 PM

Blogger Heidi said...

If it helps any, Bonne Marie told me the white one I was wearing for her photo shoot was the 38". I had it on over a t-shirt and I felt like the fit was right on for a cardigan, not too snug but also enough shape to not look like a sack.

If I was just reading the pattern I probably would have chosen a smaller size, but having tried one on I think the 38" is actually the right size for me. For my actual bust measurement, you have to subtract at least four inches though...

I keep wishing the pattern had a few more measurements for the pieces. It's great that there is a schematic, but I kind of want to know armhole depth, for example, or width across the neck opening without the ribbing.

11:04 AM

Blogger kellyt said...

Since your gauge is a little off, that could be making the difference. 17 1/2 sts over 4 inches doesn't seem like a big difference but once you work that gauge over several inches, it can make a difference. One other thing to consider, however, is that the set-in sleeve will look longer because of the way it fits into the armhole.

Heidi, I thought the same thing about the size. I'm making the 38" size because of the way it fit on you. We seem to be the same size. I would have picked a smaller size if I hadn't seen the picture. I'm glad Bonne Marie indicated the size you were wearing for reference. Interweave Knits does that and it's always helpful.

12:22 PM


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